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DreamWalker, the Young Adult Book Series

Posted on May 19, 2011 at 07:07 PM

Here it is, May 19, 2011 and I’ve finally forwarded DreamWalker Book One to my editor-polisher. It’ll take him 5 weeks to complete, including responding to notes. I’ll send it to my lawyer, where a wonderful reader has been helping me to stand the story up on it’s ear. They’ve agreed to sign off on the first two books after this round with my editor; then, the cycle will begin with Book Two. They’ve asked me to submit two books because Book One is a cliffhanger, the way I like it, and resolves in Book Two.

I’m very enthusiastic at this point. I love living in the DreamWalker’s magical world in space, with all of the futuristic technology and myths of the ancients. Once the books are underway with a publisher, the screenplay I’ve written will follow it up. I have the music largely composed and produced, and my musical director, Michael Fine, will choose the top symphonic material in my catalog, then score and develop it with either the London Symphonic Orchestra or the Rotterdam Philharmonic. One day my dream of conducting will arrive!

One of these orchestras will record DreamWalker’s soundtrack, and I’m trusting will go on a DreamWalker tour to publicize and enhance the books and the movie(s). I have treatments for 13-episodes of a Saturday cartoon series of music videos for children; a Broadway script and bible prepared with an award-winning choreographer-director; merchandising plans and resources, etc.

DreamWalker is coming! DreamWalker is coming!

Stay tuned!!!

Lots of love and music, Aynne