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Hello, dear friends,

What extraordinary news I have to share with you about my Heart-Song Entertainment project, DreamWalker.  The film screenplay I wrote is getting rave reviews from several high-level industry professionals, out of which two in particular have come forward for the two essential roles of Film Director and Executive Producer.  Thanks to a dear childhood friend, KS, who recommended the project to a Head of Production at a major studio, who then read the script and suggested we contact this particular director, who he felt would be the precise fit, in imagination, audience appeal, experience/know-how and style. I then received a fine message from him inquiring into the position of Executive Producer, as he is sure he can bring everything together for the film and get it done correctly.  So I contacted one of our producers to pursue this eloquent request and Viola! DreamWalker is in the position where funding and distribution are becoming realities.

As I’m using this blog as a diary – I’m sure my attorney won’t like that I’m speaking publicly at this time – I am well-aware that I’m reaching out to the hearts, minds and souls of so many treasured friends; people who can feel as if they are a part of my process and can bare witness to the credo, “Think and it shall be,” and “You can achieve what you can conceive and (even 50%) believe,” and “Never give up on your dreams.”  I recall standing on my patio, a lowly no-body that no one in the crystal tower of the entertainment industry would know from Eve, thinking, ‘just one chord that I compose can get through to someone, impact them, and change someone’s thinking. One note can have them say yes to me!” So I started writing music and believe it to this day.  Slowly and surely, one baby-step at a time, the world is opening up for me as I apply myself to my work, and believe in my vision.

I’m also extremely happy with the first two books that are being edited and becoming ready for publication. Do you believe in Synergy? It’s a very real Law of the Universe I suggest you take a look at. We are all integrated beings on a journey of harmony and integration. Maybe the universe is spiraling inwards, into tighter and tighter spirals into a more crystallized evolution that works only when there is harmony between all of its parts, until it becomes one tiny, imperceptible nano-spec of soul substance — an isotope of inconceivable weight – until it erupts on a higher plane, and evolution begins all over again. It’s something to think about.


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